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Bird House Shingles

for roofs

  • £60 per square metre (approximately 150 tiles) of hand clefted sweet chestnut bird house shingles. 
  • These shingles are great for smaller roofing applications 
  • The roof in the picture is of a bird house / table 46cm x 50 cm 
  • The small shingles look really good on smaller roofs but do take longer to lay. 
  • Each tile is 6 inches long by 1 to 3 inches wide. 
  • These ridge tiles can be made at a cost of £30 per linear metre
  • Sweet chestnut shingles will last for many years on a roof 
  • They do not need wood Preserver as they contain natural tannins that protect the wood from rot and worm. Some Church spires have chest nut shingles that date around 150 to 200 years old!
Please note:

These roof tiles are clefted the same each time but because of the way the grain travels some tiles may be slightly different widths or thicknesses.

Please note that they are not pre drilled and should be eyed up to the batons before drilling. 

Please use bronze / copper nails or stainless steel ring shank nails to secure the tiles as mild steel will react with the tannins in the wood 

Delivery example: 

UK mainland 15 square metres of tiles palatalised is around £70 

Please do not hesitate to call Eon to discuss your requirements

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