Rustic Baby Shingles

Rustic baby shingles for your project- 

Smaller than our usual shingles; our handmade rustic baby shingles/shakes vary in width from 2″ to 4″. Unlike some other shingles these rustic tiles are not feathered. These thinner baby tiles suit smaller roof applications and for projects such as chicken coops, dog kennels and more! In fact they add a rustic yet handsome appearance to any project.

Coppiced or felled from FSC managed woodlands, we use only tannin-rich heartwood from premium Sweet Chestnut and English Oak trees. High levels of Tannic acid within the wood helps prevent rot and decay and adds a durable layer of protection to all projects.

Our baby shingles are costed at £71.30 per square metre.

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All Good in the Wood- Rustic Baby Shingles

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