Yurts; the perfect dwelling for outside living

Whether your yurts are a temporary structure used for an event or a personal hideaway in your back garden. 

All the yurts at All Good in The Wood have been hand made by Eon and his team. Eon has been building yurts since 2008. Consequently he has continued to supply and also build beautiful hand crafted yurts all over the UK and Europe. 

A Yurt is a free standing, circular structure that uses its own weight and tension bands to stay upright. They have been around for thousands of years. They originate from central Asia and round ‘yurt like’ dwellings have been recorded over 3,000 years ago. 

Cylindrical with a dome like roof, the walls are made from latticed wood. These are known as the ‘Khana.’ The roof poles join the Khana and the ‘Crown’ which is in the centre circle in the roof. An individual hole for each roof pole is made around the circumference of the crown. Each roof poles rests on the top of the crisscross on the Khana and slots into the holes in the crown. Next a tension band holds the whole structure in place. Last you cover your yurt. Animal skins and sheep wool typically covered yurts. Today we use canvas that is water resistant, breathable and fire retardant. 

If you would like to discuss purchasing your own yurt or instead use one of ours for your event please do not hesitate to get in touch by using our contact details or quote form.

All Good in the wood Glamping Yurt outside Portugal creations
All Good in the wood projects Yurt with dancefloor and panoramic window

At All Good in the Wood we can provide yurts of varying sizes- right up to 40ft. 

All of our yurts can be made to order so please do contact us if you have any questions or special requirements.

Please take a look at our example specifications and layouts below. 

16ft / 5m Yurt

Wall height = 5’3 / 1.6m

Floor space = 195 (sq. ft) / 18.1 (sq. m)

Sleeps = 4 – 5

Great for;

Glamping, Weekend hideaway’s and Studio’s.

All Good in the Wood Yurt design example
All Good in the Wood Yurt design example 2

19ft / 6m Yurt

Wall height = 5’7 / 1.7m

Floor space = 284 (sq. ft) / 26.4 (sq. m) 

Sleeps = 6 – 9

Great for;

Glamping, Family getaways, Hen and Stag doo’s.

26ft / 8m Yurt

Wall height = 5’11 / 1.8m

Floor space = 541 (sq. ft) / 50.2 (sq. m)

Sleeps = 10 

Great for; 

Workshops, Yoga retreats, Events.

All Good in the Wood Yurt design example - Yoga class
26ft / 8m Yurt Wall height = 5’11 / 1.8m Floor space = 541 (sq. ft) / 50.2 (sq. m) Sleeps = 10 Great for; Workshops, Yoga retreats, Events.

36ft / 11m Yurt

Wall height = 6’3 / 1.9m

Floor Space = 1022 (sq. ft) / 95 (sq. m)

Great for;

Larger events, Workshops, Weddings.

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