Hard wood Cladding-

All Good in the Wood supply English Oak and Sweet Chestnut cladding available in feathered board or milled flat board. Different woods can be utilised to give a desired finish and a level of protection.

Timber cladding gives a degree of insulation, adds weather resistance and an overall level of protection. Cladding can also improve the appearance of buildings and be an artistic element of interior design. 

This type of cladding is quick to install and is a lightweight material with protective functions. 

Both Oak and Sweet Chestnut species have high levels of Tannic acid. The presence of tannins make a timber species more durable and far stronger than softwoods such as pine. Pine although lightweight, is easily damaged and will not last as long as Oak and Sweet Chestnut. 

The higher quantity of rich tannins protects the wood against attack and damage. 

Environmental Benefit-

Our cladding comes from sustainable trees and has a low carbon footprint. Using a renewable resource like timber is great for the environment as it can be recycled right up to the end of its life.  

Sweet Chestnut Cladding:

This is one of our favourite timber species and is extremely popular for external cladding projects. Sweet chestnut is hard-wearing, durable and provides an excellent finish. 

Sweet chestnut is a similar golden colour to Oak but presents stronger and more pronounced grain with occasional darker mineral streaks. Sweet Chestnut has an excellent finish and will add great character to any project you use it for. When weathered if oiled your Sweet Chestnut will mellow to tones of warm yellow honey that vary with the grain. If left to weather naturally your Sweet Chestnuts will slowly season to tones of grey and silver depending on orientation and weathering. 

Sweet Chestnut isn’t as vulnerable to knocks and scrapes as other woods making it the perfect wood for exterior cladding. 

  • Sweet Chestnut cladding 200mm – 250mm deep x 12mm thick waney edge – £3.00 per linear meter
  • 200mm deep x 12mm thick square edge square edge board – £3.50 per linear meter

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All good in the Wood- Sweet Chestnut Cladding
English Oak Cladding:

Oak grows widely across the UK and Europe and for centuries has been used in all aspects of construction. 

Oak is known for it’s yellowy brown colouring but origin, age, weather conditions and soil properties lead to variations of this. Green oak when freshily cut can range from subtle pink to pale honey.

Oak’s durability and strength, as well as its aesthetic qualities make it an excellent timber product for many projects. 

  • English Oak cladding 12 inches deep x half inch thick milled flat board- £6.00 per linear meter

  • English oak 200mm x 12mm square edge board (150mm -180mm face)- £4.50 per linear meter

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All Good in The Wood- English Oak Feathered Cladding
All Good in The wood- English Oak Square edge cladding
All Good in The Wood- English Oak Feathered Cladding projects

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