Hardwood Decking-

At All Good in the Wood we use Sweet Chestnut for our hardwood decking. All our Sweet Chestnut is sourced within the UK from FSC certified woodlands before it is transported to our sawmill to be milled. Therefore all our wood is Eco and environmentally friendly. You can read more about the wood used at All good in the Wood by clicking HERE.

Decking made from Sweet Chestnut is known to last 15-20 years without treatment. We have found that Sweet Chestnut is by far one of the most reliable, sturdy, durable and also most beautiful wood species. Tannin-rich heartwood makes for a long lasting timber that is resistant to rot, decay and also damage and attack. Therefore you needn’t worry about knocks and scratches on your brand new decking!

Another thing to note; you can also stain the wood to create your desired colour or finish. Sweet Chestnut takes stains, oils and paints really well and the timber absorbs them to leave a natural and professional finish. What more could you want?


Costing and dimensions:

125mm x 22mm x 2000mm

£38.40 per square metre

All Good in the Wood hardwood decking
All Good in the Wood hardwood decking sweet chestnut

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