Tree Houses

Most children dream of having a tree house, their very own tree-top den.

For some this dream was a reality, for others it was just not possible- not everyone has a forest in their back garden. However, they are not just for children anymore. 

Here at all Good in the Wood we build tree houses all over the UK and in Europe and we find they are the perfect sanctuary for all ages. They are great guest houses, workshops, yoga retreats and so much more.

We are able to fit your’s with furniture, balconys, windows and all your Glamping requirements. 

We only use sustainable wood and species like Sweet Chestnut and Oak that are durable and resistant. The high levels of tannin in these wood species help prevent rot and decay so your tree house will last many years. 


All Good in the Wood Wonky gallery creative Tree house creations
All good in the Wood Tree house
All Good in the Wood tree house creations

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